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Children’s occupational therapy

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Health professionals, educational professionals, social and community services can all request our involvement, as can the parents/guardians of a child that we have previously provided services to.

Referring someone under five years

 You need to complete three forms and email them back to the right address:

*Office closed due to coronavirus. Until further notice, requests for involvement (SPORFI form) can only be sent via email, using Egress, to

Referral for children aged 5-10

Before considering a referral, please ensure you have used the information and resources below to identify the child’s needs, put strategies in place and have documented activities and outcomes for a minimum of 12 weeks.   Following this, a referral is appropriate when the child has made no identifiable improvements.

Making a referral:  please ensure the below documents are completed in full.

Referral for children aged 11-19

You need to complete three forms and email them back to the right address:

Last updated: 18 February, 2021

Important notice

Visiting restrictions at Oxford Health inpatient wards

There is currently no visiting to any of our community hospitals and mental health inpatient wards.

This is a prescribed app. It should only be used alongside a face to face intervention provided by a mental health worker. Check with your local service to see if they subscribe to the app.