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Children’s Community Therapists assess, recommend and supply specific equipment to children and young people aged 0 – 18 years who are permanent residents of Oxfordshire and who are registered with an Oxfordshire GP.  For more information see our booklet

What to do if something breaks or it is too small

Please contact Our Integrated Community Equipment Store NRS.

For standing frames and walkers please inform your local physiotherapist.

01869 225420.

Does my equipment need servicing

Please contact Our Integrated Community Equipment Store NRS.

01869 225420.

Cleaning my child's equipment

If your child has any specialist equipment from the Childrens’ Occupational or Physiotherapy service.

This equipment is on loan to your family and we ask that you keep it clean and that no pieces go missing in the time it is with you.

It should be cleaned regularly, by wiping down with a wet cloth with a mild detergent.  The manufacturers instructions will have accompanied the item and we ask you follow their guidelines on cleaning. Refer here for more information.

We have equipment we no longer need

If you have equipment that your child no longer needs. Please could you call our equipment provider NRS to arrange its collection.

For standing frames and walkers please inform your local physiotherapist.

01869 225420

Occupational Therapy Equipment

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The children’s community occupational therapy service provides equipment on an assessed and needs led basis to children and young people at home.

As part of the assessment process we may ask service users to trial commercially available options prior to the provision of more specialist items

The areas we will look at for equipment is seating, bathing, toileting, hoists and slings.

The equipment provided is to enable occupations and participation in daily life. The equipment is provided through the Integrated Community Equipment Store. Read more about the criteria here.


Basics on adjusting your equipment

Writing aids
Eating, drinking and food prep
Sensory resources

Physiotherapy Equipment

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The Children’s Community Physiotherapy Service assesses and provides equipment for children receiving physiotherapy to use at home . We will ensure that the provision of equipment is safe, fair, transparent, efficient and effective.

Please see the information leaflets below for details.

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