After Referral

When we receive a professional referral, potential service users are sent a form and a presentation of information about our service.

The purpose of the presentation is to provide enough information to enable a potential service user to make an informed decision about engaging with our service.  Those deciding to engage need to complete the form and return it to us in order for their referral to be formally accepted.

Once a referral has been accepted, it is reviewed by our triage team.  If the referral is appropriate, we will invite the person being referred to complete a set of evaluation questionnaires online and those who are unable to complete these online can request a paper copy.

If a referral is not thought suitable for our group therapy programme, we will endeavour to provide details of more appropriate services.

When triage is completed, referrals are placed on a waiting list for assessment.

When an individual reaches the top of the waiting list, one of our therapists will send out a date and time for an individual assessment.  Assessments are usually carried out at our main bases in Oxford and Aylesbury and they take place over a number of sessions.

Once an assessment is completed, a decision will be made regarding therapy.

This decision will be based on information from the assessment including risk and the goals identified by the service user. This may result in signposting to another service or services.

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Page last reviewed: 6 July, 2021