Ideas for coping activities

1 Pick up the phone and call a friend or family. Talk about recent TV shows, the news, etc.
2 Scroll through Facebook or YouTube. You might find adorable cute videos of cats to make you giggle away!
3 Play a video game. Even better if you have a friend or sibling to join you for a competitive fight!
4 Take a bath or shower. Pop some music on the background.
5 Surf the television channels to find an interesting show to watch…
6 …Or Netflix it! But be careful not to watch all the episodes in one sitting.
7 Play with your pet if you have one. Rub its belly, pat its head, change its water, etc.
8 Work on a puzzle. Get a puzzle, if you don’t have one, and you can spend hours and hours distracting yourself. Splurge on some puzzle glue and hang your finished work of art on the wall.
9 Clean your room or the house. Tidy the shelves, wipe the countertop, vacuum the floor, etc.
10 Play music and dance silly to it!
11 Knit, or teach yourself how to do it. All you need is a ball of yarn, a pair of knitting needles, and YouTube to be on your way to make some lovely homemade scarves.

It’s really important we stay connected with family, friends and colleagues; remember you can use Skype; FaceTime; WhatsApp; Zoom – etc to keep in touch and see other faces. Below are a few more activities you may consider.

Learn a Language

Brain Training

Page last reviewed: 6 April, 2020