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Cotswold House Oxford Inpatient & Day Unit

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Cotswold House Oxford accepts referrals from Community ED services as well as other referrers such as gastro/medical and acute psychiatric wards and other inpatient ED services. All referrals will need to go through the HOPESPA and discussed at the weekly Clinical Activity Panel (CAP).


We accept inpatient referrals for individuals aged 18 and above who fulfil one or more of the following criteria:

  • Severely low weight, i.e. a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 17.5 usually as a result of rigid and purposeful dietary restriction
  • Recent history of rapid weight loss, such as more than 1 kg a week for 12 consecutive weeks, as a result of rigid and purposeful dietary restriction
  • Severe binge eating, purging behaviours, self induced vomiting several times a day for three months or more; this may be indicated by low electrolyte levels particularly potassium and calcium
  • Significant deterioration or no significant improvement in an eating disorder after a reasonable course of specialist outpatient therapy
  • Severe bingeing and purging cycles that require a time limited admission of up to six weeks inpatient treatment in order to break the cycles
  • A need for care for their eating disorder under a Section of the Mental Health Act 2007

Written referral

Please download the  HOPESPA referral form

All written referrals should be emailed to: or

Further information

If you wish to discuss a referral, please contact the office manager on 01865 902534.

Last updated: 28 August, 2019

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