The first step in treatment is a specialist assessment, carried out by one or two members of the team.

The assessment will last approximately 90 minutes.  You will be asked about how the eating disorder developed, the impact that this has on your life and your goals or aims for treatment.

Your weight and height will also be recorded along with other physical checks where required.  This information will enable us to provide you with the appropriate treatment.  We will also send you an information sheet and some questionnaires to complete before your assessment appointment.

In line with the Care Programme Approach, we work alongside you, carers and other professionals involved in your care in order to promote recovery and best manage the risks to your physical and mental health.  Your care-co-ordinator will liaise with all parties involved in your treatment and arrange regular reviews of your treatment and care plan to ensure that your needs are being met.

Your individual needs will determine what input you have from the team and the frequency of this input.

Page last reviewed: 19 December, 2017