Support for carers

We have developed an Information leaflet for relatives and friends, which we hope will help to prepare you for what you might experience, and help address your concerns.

The team at Cotswold House recognise that support from friends and family is crucial in promoting recovery or managing symptoms.  All day and in-patients are encouraged to include the key people who support them in the 5-6 weekly review meetings.  This helps the individual, team and family understand the illness and set realistic achievable goals.  Ward staff are also available to support families when they visit or by telephone.  Having leave from the unit can be a particularly challenging time for an individual and a family.  Families are encouraged to speak to the nurse on duty to discuss how to support their relative during leave or to debrief afterwards.

Caring for someone with an eating disorder can be stressful and can impact the carers’ mental or physical health, work or family life.   Carers are offered a carers assessment or to see the Family Therapist.  This can help both the individual and family develop new ways of interacting that optimise the chance of recovery or stability.

A monthly support group is held at Cotswold House on the first Saturday of each month (11.00-12:30).  Families meet together and discuss their experiences or hear speakers.  The programme is arranged to meet the needs of the people attending.  Speakers over the last year have included a Consultant and a recovered service user.

We run several skills based workshops, aimed at those supporting and living with somebody with an eating disorder.  For further information or to reserve a place, please contact the Office Manager on 01865 902534.

Page last reviewed: 15 April, 2019