Frequently asked questions

My GP has referred me, what happens next?

We will look at the referral and allocate one or two members of the team to assess you.  We will then send you an appointment letter in the post, as well as some information to complete.  We arrange assessments as soon as we can, so you will hear from us shortly after we receive the referral.

What will be involved in treatment e.g contemplation work/ support and monitoring/ therapy etc

This will be decided after your initial assessment.  The assessing clinician will discuss options with you in your assessment, and we will then make recommendations for treatment.  Usually this will be discussed further in your first session.  You may be involved with several members of the team and do different types of work.

Do I have to be weighed as part of treatment?

It is helpful for us to keep track of our patients’ weight, so we do recommend that you are weighed regularly throughout treatment.  Depending on where you are in your treatment, this can be done by a member of our team, by your GP or you can take responsibility for your own weighings.  This is something that will be discussed with you at the start of your treatment.

How long will I be able to access support for?

There is no specific time limit on treatment; everyone has individual treatments plans and their own treatment goals.  After your initial assessment, we will make recommendations for treatment and we may specify a number of sessions, but this will be reviewed regularly.  It may also be that you require different levels or types of help and support throughout your treatment.

If I have childcare problems can I bring my child to a session as a one off?

It is best if you discuss this with the team member that you are seeing, as different sessions may involve different things and this may not be appropriate.  We would also not recommend that you bring children to your initial assessment.  If you are having trouble arranging childcare to fit around appointments, then please contact us and we can try to arrange alternative appointments.

I am concerned about a family member/ friend; what can I do?

The first point of contact would be their GP, who can refer them to our service.  Alternatively, if they are already involved with a local Recovery Team, their care co-ordinator can write a referral to us.

Page last reviewed: 19 December, 2017