Your appointment

Why have you been referred?

You have been referred from either your regular dentist or by another health professional who might be working with you because they feel that you would benefit from receiving your dental care from us. So, we look forward to meeting you for your assessment appointment and helping you with your dental care.

What can I expect at my first appointment?

We will aim to offer you an initial assessment appointment within 12 weeks of referral. Once referred, you will receive a letter offering you an appointment.

Your referral will be triaged by a senior clinician upon receipt and if accepted an assessment appointment will be sent to you within 12 weeks.

What happens

Please can you arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to allow time to complete paperwork.

At the assessment appointment you will be seen by a dentist who will carry out an examination, possibly take some x-rays, and discuss the various treatment options with you. After your treatment plan has been agreed you will be made an appointment to come back for treatment (although treatment may be carried out at the initial assessment appointment for some oral surgery referrals).

It is important that you attend your appointments, please let us know if for whatever reason you are unable to attend.

Please contact the relevant clinic on your appointment letter or call our main number 01865 904040

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Page last reviewed: 1 February, 2019