Our strategy and reports

There are many different ways in which you can be involved in the work and development of Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. Whether you want to be linked into updates or come in to one of our locations to support staff, these pages provide all the key information you will need.

Help us develop our new strategy

We are in the process of developing our strategy and action plan 2019 – 2021.

Please take a look at our draft documents and give us your feedback.

Just Ask Me (2016-19)

We developed our previous patient and strategy together with our service users and carers.

Schematic of Patient StrategyIt launched in April 2016, and it sets out aspirations for patient and carer involvement and experience over the next three years.

Read the full strategy Patient and Carers Involvement Strategy April 16, or are our main aims are shown below. You can also read our January 2018 report on patient and carer experience and involvement.

Interested? Email Getinvolved@oxfordhealth.nhs.uk

Or look through our patient and public involvement page to find out more about how how to get involved, and our membership page has more information on how becoming a member of our trust shapes its future.

Our strategy aims

Person-centred Care

To develop a culture which encourages and supports joint working between the people who use our services, their carers/families and our staff.

We are aiming for the person involved to be part of every conversation about them so that no decision is made without them, as far as practically possible.

Acting on feedback

We want to be more curious and ask for feedback, take time to listen, and then act on and demonstrate changes we make as a result of your feedback.

The good practice we will encourage for our staff includes:

  • Routinely asking for feedback
  • Sharing and discussing feedback with all team members
  • Acting on both positive and negative feedback
  • Routinely sharing with patients the changes that have been made as a result of feedback

Involvement in services

We want to improve the opportunities for involvement, and make sure that there are no barriers for harder to reach groups, vulnerable patients, the public and people with a disability.

We want to work together and use a joint endeavour approach (sometimes called co-design), identifying issues and actions to improve services/care pathways, to redesign services and sometimes, to help deliver the services themselves.

Good involvement can transform a person’s life, improve services and develop strong communities.

Page last reviewed: 19 July, 2021