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We use iWantGreatCare, a health reviews website, to collect feedback on what patients think, monitor it and action where possible.

What is iWantGreatCare?

I Want Great Care encourages patients to leave meaningful feedback on their care, say thank you and help the next patient by improving experiences and is available for the majority of services across the Trust

It’s a service that is independent, secure and trusted by patients, doctors and hospitals: your feedback is totally confidential, and collected and processed by iWantGreatCare, an independent organisation.

Other ways of leaving feedback

Feedback can be provided on paper forms, using the app during your care or by using the website. Please ask your care team for more information or click on the link above.

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Service users views are vital to drive service improvements at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

This is why we have volunteered to take part in two national survey programmes over the next 6 months to gather feedback on the care received. Service users aged 18 and over who have recently used community mental health services in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire may receive a letter and/ or SMS text asking about their experiences. The survey asks about various aspects of their care, including the quality of care and treatment, communication with staff, and support provided. If you are randomly selected this is your chance to tell us about the quality of care and how we can improve. If you do not receive a national survey you can always give us your feedback via our Trust’s local survey, available here View – CommunityTrusts – iWantGreatCare, all feedback is anonymous.


2021 Results

The results from the last national survey in 2021 helped identify the following areas for improvement;

  • Patient involvement in care
  • Offering help with finding/ keeping work
  • Support physical healthcare needs


Details about the National Surveys

The two national surveys are being commissioned by the Care Quality Commission, and we are participating in both because your views are important to us. Taking part in either of the surveys is voluntary, your responses are confidential and the results of the survey do not allow any individual answers to be identified.

The first national survey is running from 28th September to early December 2021, it is a pilot to try the delivery of the national annual survey on-line against the usual approach of a postal survey. The Trust volunteered to take part alongside 20 other mental health trusts. 700 service users have been randomly selected to be sent the on-line survey via SMS text message and also by letter. The company coordinating the survey is Ipsos MORI and if you have any queries or need help to complete the survey please contact or call the Freephone helpline – 0800 124 4878. We should receive the results in spring 2022 and will work with our staff and service users to use the feedback from this survey.

The second national survey is running from mid-February to early June 2022 – this is the usual national annual survey for 2022 and will be delivered by postal survey. Around 1250 service users will be randomly sent the survey. If you do not want to receive the survey please contact the Experience and Involvement Team on 01865 903484 or and we will contact the national team to remove your name [poster also attached]. We should receive the results at the end of the summer 2022 and will use this to identity what changes and actions to take.

If at any point you receive a letter or SMS text and do not want to take part in the national survey or have questions about the surveys please contact the Experience and Involvement Team on 01865 903484 or

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Page last reviewed: 20 September, 2021