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Why get involved?

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Celebrating our lives: an event where patients and staff come together to learn from people with lived experience of mental illness.  

How you feel about your care is really important to us, and we use your feedback to celebrate good work, and improve what is not so good.

People who are involved in their care report that they have a better experience, and can have better personal outcomes too and those who become involved in improving the services they receive often feel a sense of achievement and pride in the work that they do.

Our service users have helped us to:

  • Develop information for others
  • Make our clinical environments more friendly
  • Redesign how services are delivered
  • Design our website for Children and Young People
  • Teach at recovery colleges
  • Write job descriptions and interview applicants for staff positions

Ways in which getting involved can help you:

  • Involvement in your care and treatment can increase self-esteem, improve your outcomes and increase people’s satisfaction with services
  • Involvement in services can lead to enhanced quality of care, improved relationships between staff and patients, and improved outcomes for you as you gain new skills, confidence and support others)
  • Involvement in planning, commissioning and governance can improve information and access for you as well as other patients.

Interested? Email

Or look through our patient and public involvement page to find out more about how how to get involved, and our membership page has more information on how becoming a member of our trust shapes its future.

Last updated: 2 April, 2019