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Exceptional People Award

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We expect all of our staff to excel in what they do but every month we make a point of rewarding an individual who has made a real difference to you or someone you know.

You are welcome to nominate any member of staff at Oxford Health – perhaps the receptionist that always orders a taxi for you, or the housekeeping team that keeps the ward clean and welcoming? It could be your CPN or district nurse who has been to see you at home and been supportive and reassuring after a recent hospital admission. So, if someone has made a difference, however large or small we would love to hear about it, so please get in touch.

To nominate someone please download a nomination form. The rules for making a nomination are also downloadable. 

Once completed please email the form to

Previous winners from this year:

woman stands in front of plain background JUNE 2018


“She sees patients of all ages independently in a service that can be very challenging and busy, and she does this with a smile.”

MAY 2018


“Her kindness and sense of fun despite the demands of a busy service, make her an exceptional manager who we all look up to and admire.”

APRIL 2018


“Laura cares about the service and support she provides, and this extends to the support she gives as a very valuable team member.”

MARCH 2018


“She always goes the extra mile and has time for every query that you just quickly want to run past her.”



“She deserves to be recognised for her incredible, exceptional work and contribution to Sandford ward.”



“Her forward thinking and prompt actions have on occasion ensured that some acutely unwell patients have received the treatment they needed.”


Last updated: 15 June, 2018