About us

Our integrated 0-5 Public Health service is made up of health visitors and family nurses, as well as other team members including community staff nurses, community nursery nurses and administrative staff.

Health visitors work with parents of new babies and children, offering support and evidence-based advice, from before the birth of the child right until the child starts school at five years.

Health visitors in Teams meeting

Family nurses specifically support first-time parents aged 19 years or under. A specially trained family nurse works in partnership with the parents regularly in their home, offering tried and tested information from the early stages of pregnancy, until their child is two.

To help provide the best possible care, and in agreement with guidelines for sharing information, we also work closely with GPs, midwives, school health nurses, early years settings, early intervention services , community & voluntary settings, and Social and Health Care.

Let us know how we are doing on ‘I want great care’ patient feedback, Please use the right code for your health visiting team.

Page last reviewed: 7 February, 2022