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Health Visitors & Family Nurse Partnership

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What we do

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Families from all walks of life may need help with specific issues that affect them and/or their children’s health and development, so the actual service we provide to each family varies according to their needs, and evidence of what will work for them: see our health visiting leaflet for more information.

Our Health Visitor homepage has a current list of health visitor clinics and venues to find one near you.

Our family nurses specifically support younger, first-time parents, aged 19 years or under. A specially trained family nurse works in partnership with the parents regularly in their home, offering tried and tested information from the early stages of pregnancy, until their child is two.

All families can expect a minimum number of contacts/visits as follows:

  • Before the birth of your child
  • Soon after the birth of your child
  • When your child is 6-8 weeks old
  • When your child is between 9-12 months
  • When your child is 24-30 months
  • When you move into a new area

We will review your child’s development at all these stage, and if you are being cared for by our family nurses, we will continue to offer partnership working you until your child is two years old.

All these contacts take place in your home, in the community or by talking to you via skype/telephone.

We welcome parents to participate in information groups, such as Early Days and Knowing Me Knowing You and breastfeeding support. We also invite parents to attend their local ‘well-baby clinic’, which run throughout the county. See our homepage list of clinics for the nearest to you

Last updated: 19 November, 2019

This is a prescribed app. It should only be used alongside a face to face intervention provided by a mental health worker. Check with your local service to see if they subscribe to the app.