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Getting help

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Who is Healthy Minds for?

Anyone who is feeling depressed, anxious or stressed, is aged 18 or over and has a GP in Buckinghamshire can request help from Healthy Minds.

How to get help

You can self-refer to Healthy Minds, by contacting us directly

You can also be referred to the service by any of the following:

  • Your GP
  • Any health or social care professional
  • Any mental health voluntary organisation
  • Job Centre Plus
  • Your employer
  • Any education or training organisation

Please be aware that we will usually send your GP copies of any letters we send out relating to your care. This is usual in the NHS as your GP is the main person who organises your care. We will let your GP know that you have had an assessment with Healthy Minds. Please let us know if there is any specific information you do not want shared with your GP. We will not disclose this unless there is a risk to you or another person.

To find out about confidentiality click here.

The next step after referral

If, upon receipt of a referral, we think it is clear that you could benefit from a different service, we will contact you to let you know. Otherwise, we will arrange for you to have a brief assessment with a Healthy Minds practitioner.

The brief assessment usually takes approximately 30 minutes. In the majority of cases the assessment is carried out over the telephone, although there are some spaces at locations across Buckinghamshire to see people on a face to face basis where required.

For telephone assessments, please ensure that you are in a safe, confidential place and that you will be free of interruptions for the duration of the call.

The brief assessment will help us to find out more about you, relevant historical information and your current difficulties. It will help identify any ways in which Healthy Minds can help you to improve your wellbeing. Click here for information about the different services we offer.

If, following your brief assessment, we think you may benefit from a different service, we will either sign post you or refer you on, depending on what is most appropriate.

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Last updated: 18 August, 2017