Resources and advice

Support with the cost of living:

General advice: 

Citizens Advice support with a range of issues, debt, housing, immigration, legal advice

Citizens Advice

Cost of living support: Overview – GOV.UK (

Financial support:

CAP work with individuals and families experiencing debt and/or poverty, giving debt advice and support and helping people to manage their money.

CAP UK | Home

Oxford Churches Debt Centre – Home of the CAP Debt Centre in Oxford


Better Housing: A service supporting residents to keep warm, stay safe & live well in their homes.

Home – Better Housing Better Health (

Housing – Citizens Advice

Feeding a family:

The BBC , among other organisations, has some useful guides to eating on a budget for a variety of dietary requirements.

Budget recipes and advice – BBC Food

Eating healthy on a tight budget: 6 top tips – BHF

Some tips to save money on food – British Nutrition Foundation

Eat well, spend less | British Dietetic Association (BDA)

Some supermarkets are selling fruit and veg boxes for as little as £2.

The Centre for Early Childhood

Shaping Us (

Child developmental and emotional milestones

What to expect when. If you have any concerns your child is not meeting these milestones please contact us (see above)

Child developmental and emotional milestones 0-5 (Solihull Approach)

Children with special educational needs and/or disability (SEND)

For children with special educational needs or disability: Early Years SEN toolkit | Oxfordshire County Council

Please also see our webpage of support services here: Support for children with additional needs – Health Visiting ServiceHealth Visiting Service (

Short breaks and activities for disabled children: Short breaks for disabled children | Oxfordshire County Council

Children who were born premature

For babies and children who were premature: For babies born premature or sick | Bliss

Courses for parents and carers

The Solihull Approach team at “Our Place” run a free course for parents about understanding the impact of the pandemic on children. The Solihull Approach is an evidence based way of understanding and relating to your child while also support your own emotional wellbeing.

You can access the free course here:

Understanding the impact of the pandemic on your child

All about Health

Easy read healthcare information for people with a learning disability, their families, carers, professionals and anyone who supports them – All About Health | (

Single parents

Gingerbread is the national charity for single parents. They provide free support services for single parents:

Home | Gingerbread

Twins or more!

If you have had twins (or more!) the Twins Trust (previously TAMBA) is here to help you:

Twins Trust | Login

Support for adoptive parents

Adoption UK Charity

Breastfeeding advice and support

There is significant countywide breastfeeding support to give advice on the establishment and sustaining of breastfeeding. To access that support, please see the link here:

Feeding your baby – Health Visiting ServiceHealth Visiting Service (

“Early Help” – if you feel you need extra support

At times any families may need a bit of extra support – and when that happens, it’s ok to ask for help. Early help is there to make sure worries don’t become bigger and you get the support you need at the right time.

  • There are lots of different reasons you might need early help:
  • You could be worried about your own or your child’s health, development or behaviour, or how things are going at nursery.
  • You could be caring for others, or maybe you’ve had a bereavement in the family, and it’s made life a real challenge.
  • It may be that you’re worried about money or housing and how it’s affecting your family.
    Maybe you or your family are affected by domestic abuse, mental health, drugs, alcohol or crime

If you feel your family and children may benefit from extra support and early help, please talk to your health visitor. We will only be too happy to help and bring in any additional support that may be helpful to you and your family. The leaflet below gives some further information about the support “Early Help” can provide.

22-0049-A4-Leaflet_Early-help-guide-for-families.pdf (

Advice if you are trying for a baby

Trying for a baby – NHS (

Trying for a baby | Information for the public | Fertility problems: assessment and treatment | Guidance | NICE

Advice on alcohol

Drinking alcohol while pregnant – NHS (

Advice on smoking & quitting

Stop Smoking In Oxfordshire, Quit Smoking Today – Stop For Life Oxon

Quit smoking – Better Health – NHS (

Advice on vaping and pregnancy

Electronic cigarettes and vaping | Tommy’s (

E-cigarettes in pregnancy (

General information

Top Tips for Parents

Resources For Families & Individuals | Oxford Brain Story — Oxford Brain Story | AFWI

Oxford Health links to useful websites and apps: Links – Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Oxfordshire Family Information Service: Family Information Directory (

Birth to Five book: Birth to five 2021

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