Safety: home and away

Sling Safety

ticks.pdf (

Baby slings – RoSPA

Swaddling your baby and using slings – The Lullaby Trust

Safety alert – self feeding pillow

Self-feeding pillows/prop feeders present a risk of serious harm or death from choking or aspiration pneumonia.

Urgent Safety Alert issued for baby self-feeding pillows – GOV.UK (

General safety information

Child Accident Prevention Trust: Safety advice Archives – Child Accident Prevention Trust (

NHS baby and toddler safety: Baby and toddler safety – NHS (

NSPCC Keeping children safe: Keeping children safe | NSPCC

How-to-reduce-unintentional-injuries-in-children-under-5: Institute of Health Visiting

ROSPA: Keeping Kids Safe – RoSPA

Safety home & away

Burns and scalds

Burns-and-scalds: Institute of Health Visiting

Button batteries

Button batteries in so many household items. Sometimes they can be very easy for a child to get hold of – for example when in musical greetings cards. They are significantly dangerous for a child. If you think your child may have swallowed a button battery you must seek emergency medical care via 999.

Button Batteries – Child Accident Prevention Trust (

Hidden danger in your home: button batteries and powerful magnets – GOV.UK (

Car seat safety

Car seat safety: Car seats and SIDS – The Lullaby Trust

Choosing & Using | Child Car Seats

Child car seats: the law: Using a child car seat or booster seat – GOV.UK (

Dog bites & pet safety

Close supervision of children and dogs is key. For practical tips to ensure children and dogs can live safely together read: Dogs and Children | Top tips to keep them safe and happy together (

Make sure you know how to be dog safe:

  • Be alert – always keep an eye on children around dogs
  • Be aware – dogs use signals to tell us how they feel
  • Be safe – any dog can bite, accidents can happen fast

Teach your child to leave your dog alone when they are:

  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Playing with a toy

Child-safety-around-dogs-fact-sheet-2023.pdf (

Follow the #DogSafety code:

Animal and human bites – NHS (


Drowning – Child Accident Prevention Trust ( –  Babies mostly drown at home in the bath or in the garden, in just a few centimetres of water. They can drown quickly and quietly.


Falls: Institute of Health Visiting

Preventing accidental poisoning

We are partnering with Royal Society for the Prevention Accidents (RoSPA) to take action to protect children from the risks of household cleaning products. In Oxfordshire, accidental poisonings accounted for 155 emergency admissions for 0 – 4-year-olds between 2018/19- 2020/21.

As part of the campaign, a handy magnetic notepad featuring key safety advice will be handed out to all parents at your child’s 9-12 month review. See our press release here: Oxfordshire Press Release OHFT Comms Approved

There is a parent home safety checklist here:

Take Action Checklist for Parent


Poisoning – Child Accident Prevention Trust (

Second hand smoke safety

Stop smoking support Oxfordshire: Stop Smoking In Oxfordshire, Quit Smoking Today – Stop For Life Oxon

Sleep safety

Safer sleep advice: How to reduce the risk of SIDS for your baby – The Lullaby Trust

Baby room temperature: The safest room temperature for babies – The Lullaby Trust

Suffocation and strangulation

Child safety: blind cords – GOV.UK (

Suffocation-and-strangulation: Institute of Health Visiting

Sun and hot weather safety

Keeping your baby safe in the sun – NHS (

Sunscreen and sun safety – NHS (

Baby summer safety – The Lullaby Trust

Water safety

Child drowning prevention: Water safety for kids (


Page last reviewed: 21 May, 2024