Positive parenting and managing emotions

Positive behaviour support

Parenting – Top Tips: Family Links

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Using-positive-statements-to-guide-our-children: Institute of Health Visiting

This is a helpful leaflet on positive parenting at all ages from the NSPCC

Resources For Families & Individuals | Oxford Brain Story — Oxford Brain Story | AFWI

Courses for parents and carers

The Solihull Approach team at “Our Place” run a free course for parents about understanding the impact of the pandemic on children. The Solihull Approach is an evidence based way of understanding and relating to your child while also support your own emotional wellbeing.

You can access the free course here:

Understanding the impact of the pandemic on your child

Children’s emotions and how to manage them

Here are some helpful tips on managing children’s emotions and common difficulties in the early years, including sleep:  Common Difficulties In Early Years Children & Babies | Common Mental Health Difficulties Early Years | Anna Freud Centre

NHS dealing with child behaviour problems: Dealing with child behaviour problems – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety NHS: Separation anxiety – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

Is your child ready for school? Find further information here:

General help and advice – Health Visiting ServiceHealth Visiting Service (oxfordhealth.nhs.uk)

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