Knowing Me, Knowing You

What is it?

“Knowing Me, Knowing You” is our virtual parent course for women/main carer and their babies, under 12 months, who are experiencing low mood, anxiety or feeling isolated. The course provides a safe and supportive environment.

  • It provides you with self help strategies to use now and in the future to support your emotional health and wellbeing.
  • The six week programme is facilitated by an experienced health visitor and allows you time to explore your thoughts and feelings around anxiety, low mood and emotional wellbeing in a safe environment

What happens in a session?

  • Time to get to know each other
  • Share how our week has been
  • New strategy or tool is discussed and chance to think about how you could use it in your life.
  • Each session will be adapted to the groups needs.
  • Time to set a small goal to achieve before the next week.


Enjoy Series | Living Life to the Full (  If you would prefer to work on your mental health in your own time at your own pace this CBT self-help programme is for new parents.  It covers 3 different areas – Enjoy Your Bump, Enjoy Your Baby and Enjoy Your Infant

Non-urgent advice: For more information

For more information, please email  Liz Rasdall, Specialist Health Visitors for Perinatal Mental Health.


To book a place, please contact Chat Health by texting 07312263081

Page last reviewed: 29 April, 2024