How can I check what vaccinations my child has had?

We are unfortunately unable to provide you with your child’s full vaccination history as we do not record vaccinations that we have not given.

All vaccinations given before your child is of school age should be recorded in your child’s Red Book.

If your child was vaccinated in school in the last 3 years you will have received an email from, notifying you of the vaccine given, this may have gone to your junk folder.

This does not include the first Covid Vaccination or those children who, in the academic year 2019/2020, were in Yr 9 and received their HPV2 vaccination.

This does not include children who were in Year 9 during 2019/20 and who received their second HPV Vaccination (HPV2).

Please go to the NHS App to view your child’s covid vaccination record. You will have received an email from for their second dose (not first) if it was administered in school.

The Child Health Information Service records all vaccinations given and you may call them on 0300 561 1851 to request your child’s vaccination history.

Page last reviewed: 3 February, 2023