What to expect on the day of vaccination


On arrival, the team will set up for the session. This includes preparing tables, sorting out equipment, checking vaccines and the emergency medication and conducting a Risk Assessment to ensure they can deliver the vaccines safely.

They will provide wristbands, if necessary, and lists of children to be vaccinated to School Reception and will discuss with you the order in which the children should be brought to the room.

If you have a morning only session we would be grateful if we could vaccinate through break time to enable us to finish promptly and to enable you access the hall for lunch if required.

If your session is lasting all day we anticipate having a 30 min break for lunch and then continuing to vaccinate following this to enable us to finish before the end of the school day.


Please do not allow parent/carers into the Vaccination Room it is important that the team can set up the session safely with no distractions. If a parent/carer wishes to speak to a vaccinator, please make the Lead Vaccinator aware.

Message sheet

Please write any messages from parent/carers on the message sheet and give to the Lead Vaccinator before the session starts.


The team will aim to start immunising approximately 30-45 minutes after arriving.

If the session is for Flu the children requiring the Injected Flu vaccine may be required to come down first and require a school staff member to support them dependent on age.

You will be notified of these children in advance of the session.


We wish to cause as little disruption to your school day as possible. In addition to the staff member accompanying the children, if you are able to provide another member of staff who is able to maintain a constant flow of students to the vaccinators we will be able to complete the session in a timely manner.

Staff break

Depending on the number of students in your school and the length of time the staff are vaccinating, they may ask for a short pause. Please remember many of the staff will have arrived at work at 07:30 to ensure your session was able to start on time.

Page last reviewed: 26 August, 2023