Important information for carers

We ask patients coming for ketamine treatment to arrange for someone to escort them to their appointment. This page provides information for those who are supporting patients.

Attending the appointment

When you bring a relative or friend for ketamine treatment you will be shown with them to a waiting room before treatment.

The team will then take the person you are accompanying through to the treatment room and you would normally be shown to an area where you can have a drink.  During times of covid-19 restrictions, you will not be allowed into the department. You are welcome to make use of our cafe and hospital grounds instead.

You will not be able to sit with the person while they have their treatment.

After treatment

It will be about an hour before the person you are accompanying will finish having their treatment. They must remain in the department for a further hour before being assessed and allowed to go home.

Initially they may still feel a little strange; however, this will pass before they are allowed to leave the department.

After treatment people often feel tired. We encourage them to do very little for the rest of the day. They may have a headache and can take paracetamol as normal for this.

They may describe their experience to you. Sometimes treatments can be an emotional experience of release for some people and can initially feel overwhelming.

If you have concerns

If you are worried about your friend or relative, you should speak to the team in clinic about any concerns you have.

Non-urgent advice: Downloadable information

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Page last reviewed: 6 March, 2024