Ketamine treatment service

Find out about our paid-for ketamine treatment service for depression


This paid-for ketamine service is made available by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust as part of its clinical innovation strategy. 

Initial assessment appointment


with consultant psychiatrist

Initial treatment of three infusions


per infusion

Further infusions


per infusion

Reviews with consultant psychiatrist

The first telephone review after the first series of IV treatments is included in the cost of the treatment.

All further reviews must be paid for. The cost is £75 per 30 minute review.

All patients receiving ongoing oral ketamine treatment must be reviewed in person by the ketamine clinic Consultant not less than every 4 months.

All patients receiving intermittent IV infusion treatment must be reviewed in person by the ketamine clinic Consultant not less than every 6 months

Follow-up appointments are for 30 minutes and must be paid for at least one week before the scheduled time.

Oral ketamine

Oral titration session in clinic


Per bottle


irrespective of amount in the bottle

The amount needed each month will vary depending on the dose of ketamine you receive

Making payments

Payments can be made by credit card, debit card or electronic bank transfer. We are unable to accept payments by cash or cheque.

Payment for the quoted amounts must be made in advance of your appointment or treatment, or first thing on the day of your appointment.

All of the income from this service is used to fund NHS care within Warneford Hospital and other NHS sites across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, Swindon, Bath and North East Somerset where Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust operates.

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Your psychiatrist or GP should send a send a referral letter, preferably by email to:

or by post to:

Ketamine Clinic
Warneford Hospital

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