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At the assessment appointment

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At the appointment, which will be held at Warneford Hospital, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7JX, we will:

  • check your contact details, including telephone numbers, email, GP and mental health team
  • check your True Colours and PKB set-up
  • review the documents received from your referrer and PKB forms that you have completed
  • talk to you in detail about your depression
  • assess and help you to manage your expectations of treatment
  • if the doctor judges that the treatment would be suitable in your case, ask you to complete a treatment consent form on PKB, confirming that you have read the information leaflet, understand the possible side effects and recognise that ketamine is not licensed for the treatment of depression
  • ask whether you are happy to be contacted about future research
  • take your blood pressure
  • weigh you
  • take a blood test

Last updated: 29 October, 2018