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Preparing for treatment

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It is normal to feel a little anxious or unsure before your treatment.

We recommend that you try and create a ‘peaceful mind’ before we start your infusion.

Using a breathing app on your phone or mindfulness techniques to focus on your breath and feeling calm can be helpful to do this.

We recommend that you bring relaxing music or sounds of sea, rain, wood sounds etc and headphones with you to listen to during your infusion. You may wish to bring a blindfold or something to put over your eyes to help you to relax during your treatment.

The side effects during your infusion can feel strange. Staff will encourage you to ‘let go’. Allow yourself to feel strange. Be curious about it. Try not to ‘fight’ these effects. Focus on your experience rather than what’s going on around you.

There are three bays in the clinic, separated by curtains. We do not have any private rooms. Other people will be having their treatment at the same time as you. We aim to create a quiet clinical environment; however, you may hear noises around you, such as the phone ringing and conversations with other patients.

Last updated: 29 October, 2018