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What treatment involves

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You will arrive at the main reception of the Warneford Hospital and be directed to the ECT/ketamine department at the end of the main corridor.

You will be greeted by a member of the ketamine team and shown through to a treatment bay. The person accompanying you will be shown to the recovery area where they can wait and have a drink.

The person accompanying you be not allowed into the treatment area.

During the appointment a doctor puts a needle into a vein on the back of your hand and then arranges a pump to gradually infuse a low dose of ketamine over 40 minutes.

During the infusion you will be lying on a bed. A nurse will be present in the clinic at all times. Before, during and after the infusion we will check how you are feeling and ask you to describe and record any symptoms or side effects you may be experiencing.

You will remain on the bed until you are ready to get up, most people feel initially unsteady on their feet. You will be shown to a recovery area where the person accompanying you will be waiting and you will remain there until the end of your recovery time.

In the recovery area are facilities to make hot and cold drinks and biscuits. It is advised that you eat and drink something before leaving.

After each treatment, you will be asked to complete a care plan on PKB before leaving about your ketamine experience.

Filming or photography of any kind is not permitted at any time.

Last updated: 29 October, 2018