Intensive Interaction

What is Intensive Interaction?

Some people with a learning disability may not understand speech or use speech. They may also have difficulty with social skills, so they might not use eye contact or take turns with others. They may behave passively – waiting for things to happen and not initiating; or they may be very active making it hard for people to know how to engage and interact with them. These behaviours tell us they may be at an early stage of communication development.

Intensive Interaction is about encouraging communication skills and building better relationships with people. To achieve this, professionals supporting the individual adapt to the person’s communication needs or personal style. The focus of change is not so much on the person with a learning disability but on the professional or family member.

Rather than thinking that the person with the learning disability or autism is ‘hard to reach’ we try to make ourselves easier for them to reach us, by being more like them, reducing our speech, our behaviour, joining in with some of their behaviour and showing interest in their interests and trying to engage with them on their terms.

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How can I use this service?

You will need to be being supported by the Learning Disability Teams to work with our Intensive Interaction Coordinator. The Learning Disability Team will make the referral if they think that Intensive Interaction will help you.

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Page last reviewed: 16 March, 2021