Membership terms and conditions


Membership of the Library Service is free to anyone employed by the NHS in the South West, Thames Valley and Wessex and students on placement at OHFT, although there may be restrictions for some groups and charges for some services.


Acceptable proof of status (ID) includes:

  • OHFT staff: proximity card, letter of appointment/contract; letter/email from line manager.
  • Medical students: listed by administrator.
  • Other students: letter from provider with details of placement, plus dates; email/letter from manager.


Reference facilities and quick reference enquiries from non-members may be available at the discretion of the Library Services Manager or the senior member of staff present.

Access to library resources

Library membership numbers, user names and passwords are solely for the use of the person they are given to and they must not be shared with others.

All registered users must advise the library of any changes to their name, address, status or employing organisation.


Loans are for the period stamped on the label accompanying the item or notified when applications for renewal are accepted. Readers who fail to return or renew a book by that date may incur a fine.

All loans are the full responsibility of the borrower on whose ticket they were issued. You accept responsibility for all items from the moment they are issued to you until returned at the library desk. This includes items put in the return book bin, and sent via post.

In the event of items not being returned your information may be shared with the Trust, Institution or Academic body that entitles you to use this library.

Removing items without permission and damage to library stock will be viewed very seriously and the appropriate measures will be taken, including charging you for a replacement.

Loss or damage

Users are expected to exercise due care in protecting Trust property from loss or damage and the Trust reserves the right to recover replacement costs where appropriate.

Therefore in accepting this membership you accept this undertaking and give authorisation to be invoiced to cover the replacement and any administrative costs for non-returned or damaged items following requests for their return.

Once an invoice has been issued an administrative charge will become payable even if the item is returned.

Library use

The use of the library is at the discretion of the Library Manager and in certain circumstances may be withdrawn.
Readers are required to comply with the provisions of copyright law and with any restrictions imposed by publishers’ licences.

Charges will be made towards the cost of some individual services. Notices detailing such charges will be displayed.

Charges may be changed in accordance with costs charged to the library, and advance notice will be given accordingly.

Only OHFT and OU employees in possession of their own OHFT ID badges are allowed in the Library out of hours. It is not permissible to bring anyone who is not a Trust employee into the library out of hours.


OHFT staff, using the library out of hours, are responsible for the security of the library.

Food and drink are not to be consumed in the Library – bottled water is permitted.

Noisy or inappropriate behaviour (including mobile phone use) is not permitted.

Failure to observe any of the rules could result in suspension of membership.

Information provision

Every effort is made to ensure that information provided by the library is accurate, up-to-date and complete.

However, it is possible that it may not be representative of the whole body of evidence available and both printed and internet resources may contain errors or out-of-date information.

No responsibility can be accepted by the Library for any action taken following information it has provided.

Page last reviewed: 20 November, 2023