Service charges

Oxford Health FT Libraries charges for some services in accordance with recommendations agreed by the HETVW Library Strategy Team. See Membership eligibility for description of categories A-E.

The charges below apply from 1 August 2009 and are reviewed annually. All payments are to be made in advance. Note that VAT will also be charged for services supplied to non-NHS employees.

Service Charges A B C D E
Registration fee (compulsory if services other than reference-only access are required) £50 per person per annum No No Yes No Yes
Self-service photocopying 5p per A4 page, 10p per A3 page No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mediated photocopying (i.e. that provided by library staff) and printing by library staff of documents from the internet or electronic resources £5 per item No Yes Yes n/a Yes
Interlibrary requests (loans and photocopies) £5 /£10 each request ** No* Yes Yes n/a Yes
Urgent interlibrary requests £15 each request* or charged at cost whichever is the higher No Yes Yes n/a Yes
Mediated literature searches conducted by a Clinical Librarian £30 per hour or part hour No Yes Yes n/a Yes


*No charge will be made for requests for which no supplying library can be found. Requests which are unsuccessful because the requester supplied inadequate or incorrect information will incur charges at the normal rate.

Requests in excess of 30 each year (1 April to 31 March) will be charged at £5 each. Charges, as for B – Partner members, will apply for all non-work related requests.

**Charges: £5.00 for items supplied from local networks, for journal articles supplied by the British Library (BL) and for BL book renewals. £10 for book loans from BL.

Page last reviewed: 16 June, 2020