Genomics is the study of the body’s genes, their functions and their influence on the growth, development and working of the body – using a variety of techniques to look at the body’s DNA and associated compounds. As genomics increasingly becomes a part of mainstream NHS care, all healthcare professionals, and not just genomics specialists, need to have a good understanding of its relevance and potential to impact the diagnosis, treatment and management of people in care.

The HEE Genomics Education Programme exists to deliver and advise on learning and development opportunities that prepare current and future NHS professionals to make the best use of genomics in their practice. These include Genomics 101, a collection of short online courses on the fundamentals  of genomics  and created for those with little or no previous knowledge of the subject.  The courses each focus on a key aspects of genomics, whether the underlying science or the clinical application.

The RCGP Genomics toolkit is a collection of resources that explain how Genomics Medicine can be incorporated in Primary Care, including training resources and audit suggestions, and providing links to relevant guidance and patient resources. The toolkit is designed to be used by the entire clinical primary care team.

And if you are looking for more try the FutureLearn collection of  free online courses around genetics/genomics created by researchers and clinicians from leading universities and medical schools.

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Page last reviewed: 19 March, 2021