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Care Navigators

Published: 9 June, 2016

Care Navigators are just one of the new workforce roles suggested by the Primary Care Workforce Commission in its report The future of primary care: creating teams for tomorrow to support GPs in managing their workload.

The role of Care Navigators is to navigate patients and / or carer to the source of help they need be it medical, social  or housing guidance. They can work across  a range of different care settings and can have a range of different titles including Patient navigator, Primary care navigator, Care coordinator, Health navigator or Life navigator. Care Navigators are considered to be one of the “truly innovative” roles in a review of the new roles crossing boundaries in health and social care. (Supporting integration through new roles and working across boundaries  Kings Fund June 2016.)

HEE has already supported successful Primary Care Navigator (PCN) training for all frontline Community Wellbeing Officer staff,  and they are now planning to present care navigator roles across Thames Valley.

The role is already being  developed by different organisations across Thames Valley, CCGs, charities, and local authorities, to work across sector boundaries – learn more in Scoping report: Patient navigator roles across Thames Valley which describes the variety of approaches already being taken across Thames Valley.

See the videos from West Wakefield Health & Wellbeing about their training programme for Care Navigators.

Read about the Primary Care Navigation Programme from National Association of Primary Care (NAPC)

Last updated: 28 May, 2018

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