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New roles across boundaries

Published: 11 July, 2016

Exploring the new roles across boundaries in health and social care

The ability to deliver new models of care within individual NHS organisations has led to the development of new roles within the NHS but the move towards integrating care across organisations and sectors has prompted consideration of how this process can best be extended more widely.

This report from the Kings Fund considers boundary-spanning roles to support integrated care and highlights examples of new roles and the evidence to support these roles, including impact, features of success and key challenges.

The literature highlights a wide range of ‘new roles’ that have been developed to support the delivery of integrated care between primary care and other health sectors or social care, changes in skill mix within primary care or more holistic and joined-up approach to patient care. The most notable examples of truly innovative roles identified were care navigators and community facilitators, enablers or link workers.

When considering training for these new roles it was found that some had neglected training, had not allocated sufficient time or financial resources or backfill for staff undertaking training. In addition there is a lack of clarity around the competencies required by staff fulfilling these new roles.

Reference: Supporting integration through new roles and working across boundaries by Helen Gilbert. Kings Fund June 2016

Last updated: 11 July, 2016

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