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Talking about dying

Published: 19 October, 2018

The Royal College of Physicians has published Talking about dying which explores the reasons that doctors and other healthcare professionals find it hard to talk to patients about dying.

The evidence shows that patients who have had these conversations and have end-of-life care plans put in place have a better experience than those for whom the conversations come in the final days or hours of life when they can seem unexpected to patients and carers.

Based on conversations with doctors at all levels, patients and carers, and medical organisations, the report begins to highlight and challenge professional reluctance to engage in conversations with patients about uncertainty, treatment ceilings, resuscitation status and death. It offers some ‘mythbusters’ to get physicians thinking and offers signposts to tools and educational resources to support physicians and other healthcare professionals.

There are a number of elearning resources available to Primary Care staff around End of Life Care and Communication skills listed on the CPD Zone.

Talking about dying: How to begin honest conversations about what lies ahead, Royal College of Physicians, 19 October 2018

Last updated: 19 October, 2018

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