Journal Clubs

The benefits of running a Journal Club

Journal Clubs enable you to come together regularly with your team members and other colleagues to critically discuss the clinical applicability and rigour of a chosen piece of research. Journal Clubs enable staff to develop their searching and critical appraisal skills, and provide a regular forum to discuss service improvements.

Oxford Health Libraries support Journal Clubs / Reflective Reading for Revalidation

Oxford Health Librarians offer extensive support for team Journal Clubs. We can offer advice on setting up and running journal clubs, provide training on how to effectively search for and critically appraise evidence, and we can also supply you with copies of your chosen discussion article(s).

Our Librarians also offer reflective reading sessions to support nurses and other professions through revalidation, and for all staff undergoing the Preceptorship Programme. The sessions typically involve critically discussing an article with colleagues to see how it may impact on practice and how the article relates to the NMC Code (for nursing revalidation), or other professional frameworks. They can count towards hours of Continuing Professional Development.

To find out how Oxford Health Libraries can support your Journal Clubs and Reflective Reading groups further, see:

Support with literature searching and critical appraisal

Please see the following pages for further information on the support Oxford Health Libraries can provide with literature searching and critical appraisal.

Page last reviewed: 8 April, 2024