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Registered library users may borrow a maximum of 8 items. Books and dvds are loaned for either 28 or 14 days.

Reference books and journal issues may not usually be borrowed.

Items can be borrowed during or outside staffed hours. A paper form must be completed for each item borrowed outside staffed hours (available in each library).

Search the SWIMS Library Catalogue


You may renew books and dvds up to 3 times via SWIMS online or by phone, email or in person. Items reserved by another reader cannot be renewed.


Please either hand returned items to a member of library staff or leave them in the “returned books box” near the door of each library. Items can be returned to any of the OHFT libraries.

Items may be returned through internal or external mail, but borrowers are held responsible for items on loan to them until the loan has been discharged by library staff.

Reservations and recalls

Reservations can be placed on any item that is on loan to another borrower. Please ask library staff to do this for you.

Items are subject to immediate recall if needed for patient care.

Overdue items

Reminders of overdue items will be sent to borrowers. After three reminders, the borrower will be invoiced for the full replacement cost of the item.

Renew books and dvds via SWIMS online

Last updated: 24 April, 2020

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