Managing your knowledge

We offer various services to help you and your team to connect with the knowledge you need when you need it.

Keeping up with the expertise of your colleagues and other teams in the trust.

Institutional Repository (ORKA)

The Oxford Health Research & Knowledge Archive (ORKA) is the online showcase for Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust research.

ORKA contains over 500 full text articles or citations to articles authored or funded by OHFT.

ORKA is managed by Oxford Health Libraries. Librarians add items for consistency;  categorise & classify so easy to search & find. Research profiles are set up for authors listing their publications.

Please contact for further information or access ORKA here:

Knowledge Cafés

Knowledge Café are small or large team activities that facilitate:

  • Sharing knowledge and learning from each other
  • Connecting people and building relationships
  • Gaining a better understanding of a complex issue
  • Identifying risks or unintended consequences associated with a project
  • Surfacing hidden problems
  • Identifying opportunities

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Evidence and knowledge assessment tool

A librarian facilitate the delivery of this activity to:

  • Assess what is working well and what more could be done within your team
  • Spot practical initiatives on which librarians and knowledge specialists can lead to help you meet your objectives
  • Set priorities for better mobilising evidence and organisational knowledge

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Contact the library via email: to find out more and arrange an appointment for a librarian to start working with your team

Connecting you with the latest evidence

Keeping you up to date

We offer a wide range of services to help you to stay on top of the latest best evidence on your professional area.

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Literature Searches

We connect you with the best evidence for a specific research question conducting a literature search for you.

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