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We are contracted by the CCG to provide a countywide service. The information that I have received from KnowledgeShare has been at times invaluable in scoping the service delivery and strategic planning for the future.

Overwhelmed by information or not sure how to keep up-to-date?

OHFT libraries will provide you with bulletins and notifications of the latest research and publications in your field.

To sign up to this service complete and submit the online form below 

Targeted notifications

Our KnowledgeShare notifications are highly personalised and targeted to you.  Focusing on the evidence that will change practice, and the latest publications on quality, safety, education and the patient experience, our aim is to bring you what you need to know and no more.

KnowledgeShare is an online web-based current awareness system that is NHS OpenAthens password protected. We will create a profile of you in the system, detailing your interests. These interests can be broad (e.g. learning disabilities) or more specific (e.g. dyslexia). To KnowledgeShare we add guidelines, policy documents and a wide range of summarised evidence so that you will not be inundated with primary research articles. You have the option to make your contact details and interests visible to all members of KnowledgeShare in order to promote knowledge sharing and networking, or alternatively you can restrict your details to just being visible to library staff.

See the KnowledgeShare Privacy Notice to find out more about how we use your data.

We can usually supply to library members, electronically or via the internal post, any articles listed which are not freely available online.

Sign up to KnowledgeShare

You must be a library member to use this service - see Join the Library for further information.

Complete the details below and click submit. Library staff will add you to KnowledgeShare and you will receive the latest information in your field(s) of interest.

Current Awareness interests

Please list your professional and/or research interests.

This information is used to notify you about new resources in your area. Please be as comprehensive and specific as you like.

Knowledge sharing and collaboration

May we make your contact details and interests visible in KnowledgeShare in order to promote knowledge sharing?

Last updated: 16 April, 2020

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