About us

The Buckinghamshire Maternal Mental Health Service (MMHS) supports women and birthing people to access psychological treatments and care if they are experiencing:

  • Significant anxiety during pregnancy related to their maternity experience and/or childbirth (also known as Tokophobia)
  • Significant distress related to previous birth trauma that might be impacting on their experience of current pregnancy and their emotional wellbeing
  • Significant distress and trauma symptoms related to perinatal loss at any stage of pregnancy or in the neonatal/perinatal period, occuring within the past year

Our team

We are a dedicated team consisting of:
  • An experienced psychological therapist
  • A specialist maternal mental health midwife
  • An assistant psychologist
  • Trainee clinical psychologists

Our role

Our role is to conduct thorough assessments when you are referred to us by your GP or another healthcare professional.

These will aim to:

  • Identify distress that has come from your maternity, neonatal or reproductive journey
  • Plan treatment with you in line with your goals and in collaboration with relevant healthcare professionals involved in your care
  • Deliver effective, evidence-based psychological interventions.
  • There may also be times when we will signpost you and support you to access other services, if these are more appropriate to meet your needs.

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Page last reviewed: 7 June, 2024