Inspirational messages

“I had severe ME/CFS for 18 years. I couldn’t think clearly or walk more than a few steps and I was housebound for long periods. I lost my career and had minimal contact with family and friends.

“Things changed, though, after I was referred to Oxfordshire Chronic Fatigue/ME Service. The therapist taught me ways to manage the pain and other symptoms. Soon I was able to walk a little more, read a book, and be taken out for coffee. I gradually improved in all respects and am now completely recovered.

“I’m immensely grateful for the help I received. It literally changed my life. In fact, it gave me a whole new life, and a bright future to look forward to.” Kate

Feedback from the course

“It was really good meeting others with the condition.  Knowing that all the ways I’ve learnt to cope are right, has been reassuring, and being able to give and receive advice was very helpful.”

 “The course helped a lot more than I expected. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I have found that I am dealing with things much better in some ways than I realised, but it also gave me ideas of other things to focus on and try.”

“Meeting others and seeing that I am not alone in my experiences and hearing how others are coping with the condition has been positive.”

Feedback from assessment

“I was really happy with the session, I felt like my concerns and thoughts were listened to and it was a really friendly atmosphere that helped make me feel comfortable in giving honest responses.”

“Perfect in every way. Thank you so much, finally I have a diagnosis too which takes a massive weight off of my shoulders.”

“It was a really lovely appointment where I felt listened to and as though I was cared about. Everything was explained to me clearly and with my input too, and I would thoroughly recommend this service.”

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Page last reviewed: 6 December, 2021