It’s Occupational Therapy week and one of our OTs has been busy on Twitter telling what the job means to her.

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Here’s a personal account from Katrina…

I chose Occupational Therapy after I worked in a secondary school and was key worker to three children with physical and learning disabilities.

The OT there was fantastic at providing strategies and techniques to increase independence through functional activities – it was the first time they’d engage in homework – because it was fun! The OT was also brilliant at educating me on how to best to support these students and continue with therapy outside of the OT sessions. It was the most rewarding job being able to support these children to achieve goals that they didn’t think they could. I’d never heard of Occupational Therapy, but after a couple of sessions with the OT, I was hooked. I’ve created a list at why I love this profession!

Occupations which are meaningful


Client- centred

Understanding people’s habits and routines

Preventative work

Achieving goals

Therapeutic relationship

Increasing independence

Opportunities to be creative

Not task- orientated

All conditions

Living, not just existing

Tools to achieve what is important to the person

Holistic assessment and intervention

Evidenced- based practise


Adaption of homes

Positive risk taking

You get to be a part of the most wonderful profession!


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