The Complex Needs Service in Oxfordshire for people living with personality disorders has been funded directly by the Department of Health since 2007. The Department has planned to reduce this funding by 50% in 2014-15 and then fully by 100% from April 2015. The total cost of the service in 2013-14 was £700k. In 2014-15 the Department of Health will be paying £350k and Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group has committed £250k.  The NHS England money will be used to support the transition to a service model within a financial envelope of £250,000 by 31 March 2015.

The needs of people living with personality disorder are a priority for both OCCG and Oxford Health NHS FT. The two organisations are working together to develop a model that will reflect best practice and deliver good outcomes for people with personality disorder. Oxford Health is developing a proposal to create a viable service within the anticipated funding from 2015-16.

Oxford Health NHS FT will share their proposal with OCCG by 6 June. OCCG will then consider the proposal and will agree with Oxford Health NHS FT a draft model which will be shared with patients, carers, GPs and other stakeholders for wider views. OCCG and Oxford Health will confirm how people can contribute their views by 20 June.

What does this mean for current users of the Complex Needs Service?

The 350K transitional funding from Department of Health means that we will  be able to manage the service reduction in a planned way.  However there may be a break in treatment for some patients and it is likely that we will have to reduce the number of therapeutic communities in Oxfordshire.


  • Oxford Health NHS FT share proposal for remodelled service with OCCG by 6 June
  • OCCG and Oxford Health NHS FT review the proposal and agree a draft model for further engagement by 13 June
  • OCCG and Oxford Health NHS FT set out engagement timetable and release draft model for stakeholder comments by 20 June

Further dates will be confirmed by 20 June