A week for healthy and sustainable eating

A week for healthy and sustainable eating

Community dietetic team are out and about the county this week

The community dietitians from Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust are celebrating the Dietitian’s Week on 3 -7 June by focusing on sustainable eating and telling people more about dietitian’s role. The campaign will see our dietitians out and about at various hospital and clinic sites around Oxfordshire.

Primary care team lead Dawn Goudge said: “Many dietitians work within the acute hospitals but some of us also work out and about in the community covering the vast county of Oxfordshire.

A recent survey showed that more than 40 per cent of people would like access to a dietitian and only one in five people think that healthy eating information is clear. Most people rely on the media or internet which may not be trustworthy sources of information. Dietitians specialise in translating complex information based on science into practical information on what to eat.

Most people choose what to eat based on taste, cost, convenience and health. However, many of us are concerned about climate change and say that they would change their diet to reduce climate impact.

The good news is that low environmental impact diets are consistent with healthy diets. In a nutshell, this means less meat and dairy, more seasonal fruit and vegetables and pulses, and less wastage.

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Published: 4 June 2019