‘Calm and friendly’ therapy team gets praise in Bucks

A mental health team in Buckinghamshire are making a great impression on patients who have left five star reviews on the independent review site I Want Great Care.

‘Calm and friendly’ therapy team gets praise in Bucks

The team consist of clinical and counselling psychologists, psychotherapists, group analysts and a consultant psychiatrist in psychotherapy.

They provide specialist assessments and therapy, offering both individual and group therapy, to people with moderate to severe psychological problems which often result in problems with functioning in their daily lives and with their relationships with others.

They also offer one-off consultations to assist with care planning and treatment in other parts of the service and we work closely with our older adult community mental health colleagues to ensure that all patients can receive psychologically informed care.

One reviewer said: “Very sensitive and understanding approach towards my care and well-being.”

“It’s amazing to be listened to with no feeling of judgment and by someone who is calm and so friendly. Compassion is underrated and underused so frequently but not here.” said another.

Many people that the team see have suffered significant developmental traumas and attachment problems relating to early problems in the family and elsewhere.

Catherine McDowell, team manager said: “We often help people understand longstanding patterns that recur in their lives and make changes that may help them to live in a way that improves their wellbeing, safety and connectedness to others. Our work can help them to understand, process and come to terms with their experiences.”

A reviewer who took part in one of the group sessions said: “We were always welcomed in a calm professional manner that put the whole group at ease and this facilitated a more relaxed atmosphere that made it much more conducive to feeling confident to participate.”

Another reviewer said: “My therapist was outstanding and has helped me overcome some of the biggest challenges I have faced. She is patient, understanding and positive and I do not think I would be where I am now if it wasn’t for her help.”

If you are experiencing difficulties with your mental health ring 111 and you can speak to a qualified mental health practitioner to get the support, you need. Find out more here.

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Published: 3 February 2021