Dr Ben Goldacre

Dr Ben Goldacre spoke about clinical research and the AllTrials campaign

More than a hundred people visited the Warneford Hospital this week for a day focussing on the importance of clinical research.

The Clinical Trials Open Day on Tuesday saw speakers come together to discuss how research benefits the treatment of conditions such as dementia or bipolar disorder and how it is implemented in the community.

The speakers included Bad Science author and academic Dr Ben Goldacre. He spoke to a packed room about the AllTrials campaign, which is working to prevent “research misconduct” by ensuring that all research trials are published.

Mary-Jane Attenburrow, clinical lead for CRF (Clinical Research Facility) said: “We were delighted to see so many people visit the CRF for International Clinical Trials Day.

“One of the presentations was given by a patient who gave a very powerful, moving and informative account of the experience of living with bipolar disorder.”

Other talks included research assistants discussing how research is implemented in the community and Dr Jane Fossey talking about a trial for people with dementia.

There were also hands-on demonstrations, including a test of reaction times – which proved popular with attendees, including Oxford Health NHS FT chairman Martin Howell.

Prof John Geddes, director of research and development, said: “The success of the open day – and the increase in scale and attendance since last year – clearly demonstrates that Oxford Health NHS FT is now engaging with research very seriously with a clear sense of purpose.

“Working with colleagues across the AHSC (Academic Health Science Centre), NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) nationally and internally, I expect a further exponential growth over the forthcoming year – with delivery of real benefits for patients.”

CRF senior manager Emma Stratful said: “It was a wonderful interactive opportunity for us to be able to demonstrate our achievements and ideas, and to thank the participants who volunteer for studies, without whom none of this would be possible.”

To find out more about the CRF, its work and any job opportunities, visit https://oxford.crf.nihr.ac.uk/