Children and family services here to help now

Our children’s community services are here to care for and support children and families in Oxfordshire Please continue to keep your appointments and we will continue to share information about ways our health visitors, school nurses and family nurses can support you. If you are struggling, get in touch.

Children and family services here to help now

Family Nurse Partnership

The Family Nurse Partnership will continue to see clients face to face. They will wear masks, gloves and aprons to help keep everyone safe and will go for a walk outside with clients if they prefer.

Find out more at the Family Nurse Partnership pages of the website.

School Health Nurses

School Health Nurses will continue to give children their flu vacinations in all Oxfordshire schools and have already given 9,000 Oxfordshire school children the nasal spray.

Catch up sessions for any children who miss their school’s vaccination day are planned for December.

School nurses continue to be on hand at Oxfordshire schools and colleges to support pupils and students.

Find out more at the School Health Nurse pages of the website.

Health Visitors

Health visiting staff will continue to support families through this second lockdown. Those who were redeployed during the first wave of coronavirus have now all returned to their health visiting posts.

The number of routine contacts with new parents and families of preschool children in Oxfordshire is steadily growing. Health Visitors are able to safely offer face to face contacts and can also support parents digitally or by phone. They have increased the number of appointment-only face to face well baby clinics across the county.

A daily health visitor telephone contact line is available to provide support and advice for all our families.

For more information take a look at the Health Visitors Facebook page @OxfordshireNHShealthvisitors or the Health Visiting pages of the website.

Mental Health

If you are worried about your child’s mental health, your own or that of a loved one we can help.

Find out more about the easy way to get help and access mental health services.

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Published: 5 November 2020