From 5 December 2012, GPs have been able to make referrals for first outpatient appointments to the Oxfordshire Podiatry Service using Choose and Book.  The Oxfordshire Podiatry Service is one of three pilot sites in our Trust that are implementing Choose and Book.  The other pilot services are Muscular Skeletal Physiotherapy and the Dental Service.

The Trust is implementing the directly bookable (DB) method which will mean that patients will be able to leave the GP surgery with an appointment date and time. 

The benefits of Choose and Book  include:

  • reduction in the amount of time spent by administrative support staff in responding to patients’ enquiries about the progress of referrals
  • a reduction in the number of patient Did Not Attends (DNAs) who don’t turn up for appointments because patient’s agree the place, date and time of their appointment. 
  • the service can specify/highlight any helpful preliminary investigations/information needed about the patient prior to patient attending clinic

We will keep you informed on progress with our Choose and Book pilots in other areas.