Concert at the Warneford Chapel

Concert at the Warneford Chapel

Award winning English folk singer Jim Moray singing to raise money for Artscape on Saturday 8 September at 7pm.

Artscape is a project supported by Oxford Health Charity; enhancing the involvement of our service users and improves the social inclusion and rehabilitation of our service users.

Jim Moray has won various awards for his innovative melding of orchestration and electronica, and is at the forefront of new movement in English traditional music with his unmistakable soulful voice.

The show is free with a suggested donation, all proceeds from this concert will go towards arts equipment and workshops for service users.

If you’re interested in attending, please book a place by emailing

We will be holding an Artscape exhibit as part of HealthFest earlier in the day from 1pm until 5pm on Saturday 8 September, find out more the Artscape project and how it supports patients at Oxford Health.

Published: 28 August 2018