Our Director of Research and Development, Professor John Geddes (pictured), as well as our Associate R&D Director Professor Andrea Cipriani are two of the lead speakers in a continuing professional development meeting on how to manage mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorders.

Mood disorders that do not respond to standard treatments have a significant cost to the patient, the NHS and wider society, but many current and future studies (including at Oxford Health and its partners) are exploring potential treatments.

In a busy day of talks by leading researchers from across the UK, the event on Monday 17th September in London will explore state of the art evidence for biological treatment options for patients with mood disorders. Clinicians will also be introduced to research studies that are, or will shortly be recruiting patients, including the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)-funded PAX-BD study, which will run at virtually all secondary mental health care NHS trusts across the UK.

There is a fee of £90 to attend the event: email PAX.BC@ncl.ac.uk to register for the meeting, or see the meeting programme for more information.