Nine new governors have been elected to represent their community’s healthcare views and shape the future of Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Patients, the public and staff were invited to have a say in the future of Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust by voting for the governor candidate of their choice in this year’s election.

The Council of Governors represents the public, patients and staff and is voted for by foundation trust members. The newly elected governors will join the Council of Governors and represent the views of members in their constituency, ensuring that services meet the needs of our communities now and in the future.

Director of Corporate Affairs and Company Secretary Kerry Rogers said: “Congratulations and welcome to all the elected governors. I’m looking forward to working together to listen to the views of our members and continuously improve our services for all”.

Newly elected Buckinghamshire governor Terry Burridge said: “I wanted to become a governor because I spent 30 years as a psychiatric nurse both as a clinical nurse and as a university lecturer. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly over the years. Becoming a governor allows me to promote the good – and to think about why the good doesn’t always happen.”

Geoff Braham (pictured), a new governor for Oxfordshire, said: “My family are Oxford Health service users and I’m particularly interested in supporting the trust to work efficiently with other NHS organisations while ensuring effective timely patient intervention and treatment. After working for a NHS supplier for several years and recently working for a NHS commissioner, I want to represent the Oxford Health members and other service users to ensure that the trust executive and non-executives continue to improve performance and deliver the highest quality service.”

Full list of governors:

Public constituency

Buckinghamshire: Terry Burridge

Oxfordshire: Geoff Braham, Geoffrey Forster, Allan Johnson, Abdul Okoro, Richard Mandunya

Service User constituency

Oxfordshire: Jayne Anne Champion

 Staff constituency

CYP: Neil Oastler (re-elected)

Older People: Soo Yeo

To become a member of Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust apply using our online application form. If you are a member, you are welcome to get in touch with your governor at

The trust holds governor elections each year. Next year’s election will open in spring 2018, inviting residents once more to share their voice and make a difference.